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The highly anticipated Halo Infinite launched several months ago, bringing the iconic Master Chief back in an open-world adventure on the Zeta Halo ring. While the multiplayer mode has seen constant support and updates since release, the epic single-player campaign has remained mostly untouched aside from the addition of ray-traced shadows. According to Pure Xbox who quoted Windws Central Jez Corden, developer 343 Industries has apparently scaled down plans for post-launch single-player DLC, leaving fans wondering what could be next for the Master Chief’s story.

However, a new rumor reported by TweakTown suggests 343 may be looking ahead to the next mainline Halo game rather than expanding Infinite. Sources tell Ains, editor-in-chief at Seasoned Gaming, that 343 has a team working on the campaign for the unknown next Halo title. This aligns with rumors from Bloomberg’s Jason Schrier indicating 343 is shifting focus to the next major installment in the beloved sci-fi shooter franchise. While additional Infinite content may be off the table, it seems 343 is already crafting another space epic for the iconic supersoldier Master Chief. Halo fans eagerly await more concrete details on what lies ahead.

What Else We Know About The Future Of Halo

So let’s focus on the SG Bitcast 269 podcast below.

Now we get some brief information on the next project in the franchise on this podcast. They didn’t have anything specific they could add on the actual campaign. Just that they knew 343 were working with n it. The big talking point was that we get told it’s “part of the restructure that is building the next generation of Halo on Unreal”. The assumption is it’s Unreal Engine 5 and no exact engine is mentioned. Though Unreal Engine 5 is the current version of Unreal.

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