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It seems the recent Gran Turismo title is having a tough week. But how are the reasons these troubles affecting the Gran Turismo 7 now? For a start, it’s affecting the Metacritic scores but we need to look a bit further in the heart of the GT7 troubles to understand why. Needless to say, Polyphony has a bit of a mess on its hands. And what caused it is the easy part. It’s fixing it is the harder part, and also the most crucial.

The GT7 troubles started with the response to criticism over the game’s microtransactions. An article from VGC stated at launch they saw the following; “Some of Gran Turismo 7’s cars cost as much as eight times what they did on Gran Turismo Sport if purchased using real money.”

While many racing games feature microtransactions, some of the more high-end cars in GT7 are so expensive that they require a significant amount of gameplay to obtain enough credits to buy them via normal means (with some cars potentially taking dozens of hours of racing).

Then the 1.07 update reduced the payout from races. Meaning the higher-priced cars left a couple of options. So fans could race for dozens of hours or top-up credits with their own money. And this didn’t go down well with the fans at all. And we see that some cars cost up to eight times more than on GT Sport. So this infuriated the same fan base even more, and it’s understandable as there’s no justified reason for this.

The GT7 troubles didn’t end there

Soon after, the game was taken offline to repair a patch. The servers were down for almost thirty hours.
As a result, game owners were irritated and frustrated. But why would this be an issue? The single-player game, on the other hand, needs a persistent internet connection. As a result of the servers being shut off, the game became almost unplayable. Is there truly a need for an online-only feature in a single-player mode? People who purchased the game were dissatisfied with the scenario after being unable to play for more than a day. When the majority of Gran Turismo 7 is a single-player, it’s easy to understand.

The game’s troubles came to a head with fans feeling enough is enough. The response was them leaving poor Metacritic scores for the game. So at the time of writing, we have critics scores sitting at 87. But as I said, it’s the user scores where we see the discontent. When I first heard of the issue the user scores were sitting at 2.5. Consequently soon after they have dropped even further. This has left the user score at 2.1 out of nearly 4900 reviews.

GT7 Troubles
Gran Turismo 7 on Metacritic

This means the game has the lowest user score ever for a Sony title. So these earlier GT7 troubles are most definitely a cause for concern. Polyphony needs to act as if they don’t fix it, it’s not going to be the dream Kazunori Yamauchi wanted and could have a knock-on effect for the next Gran Turismo. As fans will remember this and possibly avoid the next release, and who could blame them. Something Kazunori Yamauchi would be keen to avoid.

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