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Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular franchises ever. GTA has enjoyed years of strong sales, particularly over the previous ten years. That unquestionably benefited from the success of Grand Theft Auto V. GTA Online, the online portion of GTA V is a significant seller, and the game has been released on three different platform generations in addition to PC. In fact, the next game in the franchise rumored to be titled Grand Theft Auto 6, was a major topic of one of the recent 2XP podcasts.

The franchise is nearly a quarter of a century old as the original game launched in November 1997. So from what we know of Grand Theft Auto 6, the franchise has indeed come a long way. It has since moved from its original top-down perspective to the third person. This viewpoint made its debut in Grand Theft Auto 3. However, in regard to the future of the franchise, we have been given very little to go on officially other than it’s coming.

Grand Theft Auto 6 And What We Know

Firstly we have a story of Sony teasing the next installment which was covered by Gaming Bible. We also have GTA 6 Informer tweeting that the trailer could drop on the 21st of October. That as we know did not happen. Grand Theft Auto VI Updates claimed 29th October was a date we could see the trailer.

They highlighted that the trailer for the GTA Trilogy remaster was shown on the 20th anniversary of GTA 3. So, when GTA Vice City launched, it was 29th October 2002. So it’s reasonable that Rockstar could give us something on the next game this month. Of course, this is all rumor at this stage. However, what is your take on this news? As always we’d love to hear from you.

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