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Heads up, this promotion is for a limited time only, with a limited amount of free available licenses, so be quick! StickyLock Games‘ Woven is currently free via their #GetWovenFree campaign. You can get the title for no charge on both Steam and Xbox One. Steps to get your copy are extremely easy. The only thing you have to do is:
  • Go to
  • Follow the instructions
  • Receive your Woven key for free on Steam or Xbox One
Discover Woven, a woolen world where stuffed animals once lived in peace. With exciting adventures and mysterious characters you search for hidden secrets to unravel why these metal machines disturb the peace and quiet. The world of Woven is filled with obstacles, challenges, setbacks and secret paths. Glitch is your partner in crime, he sees hidden secrets that you as a stuffed animal could never see. You will need to find blueprints to change the shape and skills of Stuffy. Elephant legs can be strong but are heavy, rabbit legs can jump and are a lot lighter. For every situation there is something that can be expanded to continue your adventure!  

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