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Genshin Impact, the popular free-to-play open-world action RPG from global interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse, has announced major details on its upcoming Version 4.0 update “As Light Rain Falls Without Reason”, arriving August 16.

Fontaine, the hydro nation ruled by Focalors the Hydro Archon, will debut as the fifth explorable region in the vast world of Teyvat. As the nation of justice and hub of culture, art, and technology, Fontaine will introduce many exciting new adventures, gameplay modes, stories, and three new playable characters – the magician Lyney, his assistant Lynette, and diver Freminet.

Underwater Exploration in Fontaine

As a waterbound nation, Fontaine features the first underwater areas in Genshin Impact. Players will be able to dive beneath the surface and explore aquatic environments. A special blessing allows unlimited oxygen, with Aquatic Stamina consumed when sprinting. Recovery Orbs restore stamina, while Turbulent Bubbles provide speed boosts. Underwater combat utilizes unique techniques, and absorbing abilities from sea creatures aids exploration and combat.

New Bosses and Enemies

Two new challenging boss fights await in Fontaine. The dancing clockwork duo “Icewind Suite” features graceful yet fierce Cryo attacks, with players able to choose between two combat themes. An underwater cave houses the heavily armored Pyro-wielding crab boss “Emperor of Fire and Iron”. New common enemies will also populate both above and below the seas of Fontaine.

Three New Playable Characters

Fontaine introduces the first three new playable characters. The five-star Pyro magician Lyney transforms into a fiery cat and launches dazzling fireworks in combat. His four-star Anemo swordswoman assistant Lynette can be obtained for free in the new event. Rounding out the trio is Freminet, a four-star Cryo Claymore-wielding diver.

Version 4.0 Banners and Events

Lyney, Lynette, and Yelan will feature on the first character banner, while reruns for Zhongli, Tartaglia, and debut for Freminet will come later. More Fontaine launch events will be revealed soon.

Technical Improvements

Global Illumination, motion controls, faster loading on PlayStation, multi-layered map, and new UI backgrounds are just some of the technical improvements launching in Version 4.0 to enhance the overall experience.

Cross-Platform Play

With cross-save/cross-play across PlayStation, PC, iOS, and Android, all players can experience the new Fontaine content together. Genshin Impact Version 4.0 “As Light Rain Falls Without Reason” will arrive as a massive expansion on August 16, 2022, introducing the long-awaited hydro region Fontaine.

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