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So Johnny and I have been chosen by Odin to slay the Forsaken in Valheim. What the “hooded one” failed to mention is that we would be gathering a crap ton of resources. He could have sent a care package with Hugin to make our adventure a little easier. Nope, that would be too much like right. So we deforest our little peninsula and mine every piece of ore we come across.

Gathering a Crap Ton
Screenshot captured in-game by Johnny

Now for what you are going to see in the video below is us preparing to take on the second boss in the game “The Elder”. We have built a few outposts throughout the world we have discovered so far. I was marooned on an island because my PC crashed while we were playing. So for a decent amount of time you will see me going back and forth on our island base. It was built by Johnny in order to work as a place to spawn to avoid ridiculous corpse runs.

We take to the open sea to return back to our home base (built by Johnny). We then harvest large amounts of wood in order to make fire arrows. So far fire arrows are the strongest arrows we can currently craft and we have a lot of feathers.

Pro Tip Gathering Crap Ton Of Feathers

If you want an opportunity to farm for feathers. Find an area near water and make sure to bring a bow and a lot of arrows. I would recommend the basic wood ones because the birds only need one shot to kill. So if you are interested in watching us bump our heads in Valheim make sure to subscribe to LV1 Gaming’s YouTube Channel.

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