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Occasionally like most of us, I’ll watch a YouTube video on upcoming games and some will really catch my eye. First, I look to see what platform they are on, and if it’s being released on Steam, I hope and pray my laptop will run it. A few I have been interested in have also just recently been announced for consoles as well, games like Stray Souls or the alien invasion take on survival horror in Greyhill Incident. Another game caught my eye and got immediately added to my Steam wishlist a game called Fort Solis which at the time of writing will also be released on PlayStation. If you want to see the original announcement trailer of this sci-fi horror title it can be found here.

Fort Solis is a psychological thriller third-person thriller set on Mars. You play an engineer called Jack Leary who is going to have one of the longest nights of his life ever. He goes to respond to what is a routine alarm and the following events spiral completely out of control. The alarm comes from the nearby base, hence the game’s title. Steam says he “arrives at a dark and desolate Fort Solis. With storm warnings imminent he heads inside to make contact. As the night grows longer, events escalate, spiral out of control and the mystery of what happened to the crew begins to reveal itself. The storms arrive, limiting Jack’s escape as he looks to hold out until morning arrives”. The game is co-developed by Fallen Leaf Black Drakkar Games and published by Dear Villagers. We also have a new gameplay trailer below.

What Else We Can Reveal About Fort Solis

If you watched the trailers you may have recognized some voices, the one that stands out the most is Troy Baker who most people know as Joel in The Last of Us. We also have the voice of Roger Clark who plays Jack Leary you will know him from Red Dead Redemption 2 as the beloved Arthur Morgan. The Steam description also tells us the following about the game:

Immersive Storytelling

Fort Solis looks to deliver a high-fidelity experience designed to completely immerse the player in the cast and their long night. With performances from Roger Clark, Troy Baker, and Julia Brown, Fort Solis looks to deliver emotion, fear, empathy, and much more with every chapter.

Supporting the core narrative are additional instances of the story such as audio logs, and surveillance footage for past and present events. Accompanying those are video logs recorded by all crew detailing the events before and perhaps even after that night the alarm was triggered at Fort Solis…

Explore Fort Solis

The skeleton of Fort Solis is built above and below ground. The base contains a variety of locations each with its own surface and sub-surface levels. Players will be able to explore the isolated storm-bearing surface, the creepy service tunnels absent of any light, or the multiple departments that help Fort Solis function on a day-to-day basis such as Engineering, Medical, and Communications.

As the story unfolds locations can easily be revisited for additional story context or continue to serve as a backdrop to the fate that awaits Jack with each passing hour.

For release information, we see it’s slated for summer sometime and is going the be available on PlayStation 5 and PC. In an interview with The Loadout, the game’s director James Tinsdale confirmed a release on Xbox Series X/S is likely to happen as Fallen Leaf has to do things one step at a time. He also ruled out a port for the Switch at this time. He also spoke about the inspiration for the game.

Fort Solis takes after the psychological sci-fi films like Moon, Sunshine, and Solaris. We wanted to capture a feeling of being alone, unsafe, and unsure of what’s going on. We hope this trailer offers a taste of the eerie tone we’re aiming for ahead of Fort Solis’ release this Summer.

The Head of Publishing for Dear Villagers, Guillaume Jamet further added

When we first saw Fort Solis we knew Fallen Leaf was making something special. It really stood apart from other sci-fi horror games with its brilliant script, classy presentation, environmental storytelling, and narratively open-ended game design. We can’t wait to hear the discourse around it!

Okami Games also posted more information on Twitter as well.

We have one very interesting horror thriller on the cards. For fans of horror and thrillers, we could see a good year indeed for the genre. Will you be picking this game up? What has been your favorite survival horror title game in the last 5 years? Stay tuned for more from Lv1 Gaming!

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