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Final Fantasy 7 is arguably the biggest game in the franchise’s history. So much so that People were eagerly waiting a decade for the long-awaited Final Fantasy 7 Remake; which just passed 7 million shipped and sales. During the most recent State of Play, Square Enix gave a much-requested update as Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth finally gets a release date.

That’s right after the last reveal earlier this year, Square Enix revealed a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. The trailer gives many glimpses of what to expect in the next entry of the remake trilogy. We see the return of many characters, but the introduction of many new faces. Yuffie joins our core cast, as well as we see Zack also appear. As well as newcomers Cait Sith, and my personal favorite, Vincent Valentine! See these characters included in a major cutscene makes me feel they are now more canon than ever. Truly cleaning up many issues with the continuity and retconning many issues from the past.

We also get a glimpse of some more activities to experience as well as the scale of this game world. We see the return of the Golden Saucer and dancing with Andrea, Chocobo races, motorcycle races, and so much more! However most of all, we see Cloud fighting alongside Sephiroth! This Story is taking so many twists, it’s safe to say it will still surprise many hardcore fans.

The game will be launching on February 29th, 2024 on PS5, with a 3-month exclusivity period. Shockingly enough the game will also require 2 discs to play, so it will be massive! But that’s not all as they also revealed a massive collectors edition for the game, offering a highly detailed statue of everyone’s one winged angel, Sephiroth. Needless to say, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be a massive game for 2024.

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