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Before the Summer Game Fest Play Days presentation I knew very little about Exoborne outside of the cinematic trailer. But boy let me tell you, this game is going to be a lot of fun full of unique experiences that you will want to record. Thank you to Level Infinite for taking the time to show us such a dope presentation of Exoborne.

Theme of Exoborne “You Are What You Carry”

Provided by Sharkmob AB

So the core theme that the Sharkmob AB developers of this upcoming extraction shooter is “You are what you carry.” From that point, I was immediately locked into the presentation. Exoborne is PVP, PVE, and where this title truly stands out Player vs Nature. Creating epic almost movie-like moments will happen as you are engaging other players. And then out of nowhere, a giant storm rolls in turning your ground battle into an aerial one.

Let me lay out the core of what this game is before I rant too much. Exoborne is a three-player squad extraction shooter that can be played solo. You are a human who can equip a customizable mech suit called an exorig. The dynamic open-world map is filled with hostile players and enemy NPCs all fighting for resources. All while utilizing or avoiding extreme weather events such as tornados to gain a tactical advantage.

Customization is a core mechanic in this game. Not only from creating your character to customizing your exorig, but also what gear you will attach to it. There are a few passive and active abilities that are linked to different exorigs but there are no “classes.” All gear found will be equipable to any of the exorig options. So no gear is locked to one type of exorig.

High Session Risk Low Long-Term Risk

Provided by Sharkmob AB

Before each session, you will have time to prepare your initial loadout and even be able to pick a few missions. The missions can be anything from eliminating a certain amount of enemies to clearing a world event. Now like any extraction shooter you risk losing all the items you bring with you into the world. But where Exoborne aims to be different is rewarding you for your efforts regardless of a successful extraction. There is a form of progression in each session, unlike other games in the genre.

Back to the sessions, so there will be world events that can be activated. Waves of enemies will attack your position while accomplishing the required task. On top of that everyone else in your session will be alerted that you started a world event. So enemy players are another factor to keep in mind but, no risk no reward. Once you are ready you will call in for an extraction and have to time it just right. Or you will be a sitting duck for another player to shoot and loot.

Some Key Points That Stood Out

  • The game is not nonstop combat, plenty of moments to explore and see the world
  • If you are downed but then revived by a teammate you keep your items
  • You can drop gear for your teammates to pick up and equip
  • Whenever you aim down sights the camera switches to first-person
  • Every enemy drops loot or resources
  • Dynamic climate and forces of nature. Heavy fog, rain, lighting storms and more
  • Any piece of gear or weapon you find can be immediately equipped
  • There are vehicles you can find to help you quickly traverse the world.

For a game that is still in its early stages, it looks fantastic, and if Sharkmob AB produces a polished version of what has been shown, gamers will have a great time. There is no official release date or window given, but be sure to add Exoborne to your wishlist. Check out LV1 Gaming’s Summer Game Fest coverage of Aloft.

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