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Bugs in games are usually a pain, ruining the experience for gamers. But in this upcoming game, bugs are meant to be there! Introducing Empire of the Ants, based on the sci-fi novel by Bernard Werber and originally a strategy game in the early 2000s. Now, thanks to Unreal Engine 5 and developer Tower Five, Microids is bringing it back.

The trailer for Empire of the Ants reveals a visually stunning game. The official website describes it as a “photorealistic strategy adventure game based on Bernard Werber’s book.” And the trailer certainly lives up to that promise. We play as 103,683rd, an ant determined to lead the colony to new and more prosperous horizons. The game is set in a French forest.

Empire Of The Ants Features And Release Information

Well, Microids have broken down the features for us.

  • Take part in an epic adventure – Take the role of a brave ant, with a 3rd person view, and explore unique abilities that can help you in battle and exploration.
  • A 3D real-time strategic game with a progressive difficulty – The game promises an intuitive experience for newcomers, with the presence of tutorials to learn the fundamentals of RTS to help them get used to the game. At the same time, the game will offer a scalable difficulty and adaptable experience for veteran players who will discover new game mechanics as well as advanced strategies and combat skills.
  • Explore vast environments and meet the local wildlife – The game will feature a photo-realistic forest to explore. Meet and encounter other ants and forest dwellers through your adventures and interact with them.
  • Immersive & photo-realistic – Unreal Engine 5 allows to push the boundaries of the photo-realistic effect on the plants and wildlife.
  • Narrative based on the season’s rhythm – The game features a narrative that follows the rhythm of the seasons, with an effect on the wildlife’s attributes such as speed, resistance, buffs, and more.
  • Diversity of contrast and adaptation – The maps in the game will also change depending on the time of day (day, night, dawn, and twilight).

The Release Information

As for the release date, Microids says it’s due next year on PC and consoles. If you follow the PlayStation YouTube channel, you’ll see that they have the game listed for PlayStation 5. And you can show interest for the console version by wishlisting it now. There’s no news of an Xbox release, but with the term “consoles” used, we can expect an Xbox Series X/S release. It seems that we’re slowly seeing games take advantage of Epic’s software, such as Project M and Unrecord.

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