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Elden Ring fans are eagerly awaiting news, and it’s been announced that the game will have a new expansion called “Shadow of the Erdtree.” However, details about the expansion are scarce, with only rumors circulating. Some fans have analyzed the available information, leading to speculation that the expansion may be a prequel to the original game.

Elden Ring is a popular game that did incredibly well at The Game Awards as well when it won the coveted “Game of the Year” Award. FromSoftware’s award-winning RPG is also a year old as well. Considered a more friendly introduction to the genre for non-Soulsbourne fans without taking away from the features that made their games popular. Personally, I played through on Xbox and beat the game multiple times and have 1000g for my troubles. I even compiled some hints and tips to guide my fellow tarnished as well as some helpful loadouts.

Elden Ring Stats After A Year

According to Bandai Namco, players have put a significant amount of time into the game. They posted some interesting stats. There have been over 9 billion deaths, yes that’s a lot of tarnished being told they’d died. 2% is by another player, 14% fell to their deaths, and many of my deaths include this. 15% are from status effects, things like scarlet rot and poison. The other 69% were enemies and NPCs. Therefore the boss fights are a big chunk of that 69% no doubt. In those, we’ve seen 5.9 billion boss fight attempts. Below is the specific breakdown by a few major bosses.

  • Malenia – 329 million.
  • Margit – 281 million
  • Limgrave Tree Sentinel – 277 million
  • Radagon of the Golden Order – 148 million
  • Starscourge Radahn – 139 million

However, what about you? Which boss have you had the most trouble with? Let’s hear from our fellow adventurers about their experiences in The Lands Between.

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