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EA Originals news for all you eager fans out there – Josef Fares, Game Director at Hazelight on titles such as Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and A Way Out, is announcing a new game at EA Play Live. This news is incredibly exciting news. EA has been in a rough spot in recent years, and with good reason, many would argue. Their renewed interest, however, in supporting smaller titles with creative freedom, alongside them bending the knee when it comes to supporting Steam on PC, is sure to earn some goodwill among fans. A little bit of background on Josef Fares, for those that may be unaware. Fares has a background in film making, having already made 5 feature films before making the jump to games. He finds his passion in making an interactive story experience, told through a novel way. This couldn’t be more evident in the form of his team’s first and second titles.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

EA Play - Brothers - Lv1 Gaming
The two brothers must find a cure for their dying father
Upon playing Brothers, you will find it is truly unlike any experience you may have had prior. You control a brother with each stick of your controller and must cooperate through a series of puzzles alongside slower-paced exploration sections. You can grab Brothers on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC today and experience this award-winning game for yourself. That’s just a taste of the ideas Fares’s mind was playing with.

A Way Out

EA Play - A Way Out - Lv1 Gaming
Vincent and Leo must work together in order to survive

The team’s second game, A Way Out, was remarkable in the sense that it was a co-op game with all the hallmarks of a fantastic couch co-op experience, yet I was able to play it with friends across the globe. I was truly in awe with what Hazelight was able to accomplish with this game. Distinctly different to Brothers, A Way Out told the story of a jailbreak duo, who start off as chalk and cheese and pretty much remain that way during the campaign. Players have to communicate, lest they fail which can lead to some downright hilarious outcomes. I won’t spoil the story, but make sure you pick your most reliable friend for this one. You’ll know what I mean, trust me.

Looking towards EA Play Live

I’m sure EA Play Live is set to bring a few exciting announcements, but this is one that is dear to me and something I’m genuinely looking forward to. Hazelight’s catalog, although not the largest, has shown great promise in the delivery of fantastic cooperative experiences, so they’ve earned a look in my book. EA Play Live begins June 18th, 4PM PT, and you can find more info here. What are y’all thinking? Excited about Hazelight’s newest offering? Be sure to let us know in the comments and keep it locked on LV1 as we cover all the freshest game and technology news.

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