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The more news that seems to come out for E3 the worse it looks. As not E3 is looking bare as SEGA and Tencent are pulling out of the event. This is following the news yesterday that Ubisoft will also be pulling out of E3.

So what’s happening now is the big question. Well in an article from IGN, now there are even more rumors circulating about if the show will even happen at this point. It has now been confirmed that both the house of Sonic, SEGA, and Tencent will no longer be attending the event. This is due to the fact many publishers and PR have had no knowledge of showtimes or event plans. Partly in due to a lack of communication from the ESA and ReedPop themselves. Where most would’ve had plans already back in March based on past experiences.

And here at Lv1 we have spoken with multiple contacts within the industry and heard the same information and news from them similar to what’s being reported. As well as there is also the fact that the President of ReedPop announced the resignation of the company as the event organizer. They do state, that this has been months in the process. This is on top of the fact that they didn’t even have an event coordinator. That’s with even less than three months before the event was planned.

What Now?

Now it seems that most of the largest publishers in the industry are not attending. That’s on top of the fact that many indie devs that could be there, usually go under other publisher umbrellas if not paying directly themselves. So it seems that at this point that the event itself will be a shell of its former glory. Add in the fact that many companies are not either hosting their own digital showcase and are able to distribute demos online for everyone, not just those on the floor. Alongside the success of Geoff Keighley’s Summer Gamesfest event. So is there even room for the former juggernaut of gaming?

At this point, it seems likely that E3 truly is at the end of its era. What was supposed to be its grand return, is now looking to be a shambling husk of an event. So what are your thoughts on E3 looking bare now that SEGA and Tencent will no longer be attending? Let us know in the comments below.

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