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Classically, video games inspire the spirit of adventure, a wayward motivation to explore new and strange lands: Enter Dungeons of Hinterberg. A game about exploring otherworldly dungeons looking for treasure and whatever mischief you can find. You are but a tourist, but still can hold your own against monsters and other uncanny creatures in this new Steam Next Fest demo from developers Microbird Games.

Dungeons of

Dungeons of Hinterberg very much plays on the idea that you are a tourist in the village of Hinterberg. Here to explore, take in the culture and of course, explore endless dungeons for hidden treasure! From here it’s up to you to meet the locals, get a tour guide, and discover what makes the dungeons so unique, and man the designs are out of this world. 

Part of the puzzle design is first finding the dungeon entrance, but once you find that glowing door, you are transported to a whole nother realm. The demo dungeon had you exploring planetoids in space, making for some Mario Galaxy vibes as you can walk completely around one planet before unlocking the bridge to the next. Luckily you have a few magic abilities to help. Initially, you are given a hoverboard and a magic beam that unlocks doors if aimed at certain key points. Later there will be more magic abilities to unlock that will help you push further into new areas. 

Dungeons of

There is some basic combat as you are equipped with a magic sword and equipment with stats, so you can fight tougher enemies along the way. It’s a simple light attack, heavy attack, dodge combat system, with bonus abilities that are on cooldowns. There will be more abilities to unlock, as you go but from the start, it already feels fairly capable but as of right now, the waves of enemies feel a little simplified, in comparison to the dungeon puzzles that come about as you progress. These can be as simple as platforming switches to avoid laser grids.

That’s where there’s real potential, in the dungeon design in both its puzzles and overall atmospheric tone. I was wow’d by the first one, and the trailers show even more interesting locales in the future. This one’s coming up soon, with a July 18th release date so make sure to peep this one, there’s definitely something here worth checking out.

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