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Dune: Awakening, the massive MMO set on the brutal desert planet Arrakis, just dropped a second information showcase. This 30-minute deep dive featured interviews, gameplay footage, and a glimpse into what it’ll be like to carve your path on Arrakis in a world without Paul Atreides.

Here’s The Key Info:

  • Character Creation You Can Sink Your Teeth Into: The Direct showed off a seriously detailed character creation tool, so you can craft your perfect swordmaster or mentat.
  • A World Alive with Players: Dune: Awakening isn’t just a single-player adventure. It being an MMO means you’ll be sharing Arrakis with hundreds of other players, all fighting for that legendary spice.
  • A New Chapter in the Dune Saga: Paul Atreides does not exist here. This game explores a whole new storyline, letting you experience the beautiful yet dangerous Arrakis from a new perspective.
  • A Feast for the Senses: The developers are taking inspiration from the stunning visuals and soundscapes created by Denis Villeneuve’s recent Dune movies, so get ready to be immersed in the world.

Over a million people have already wishlist the game on Steam, the hype is real. Plus, Dune: Awakening just kicked off its closed beta, so a lucky few are already getting their hands on the full game.

Provided by Funcom

Seeing Actual Gameplay!

Thanks to Funcom, LV1 Gaming had the opportunity to see an early build of Dune Awakening at Summer Game Fest Play Days. I sat down with some of the team and watched around 20 minutes of gameplay. The size of Dune: Awakening was on full display as I watched a created character climb inside an ornithopter and take off into the open world. Not only was it a vast area to fly around featuring various types of desert. But the thopter was able to fly low, in between mountains, basically anywhere. A true open-world experience. We were then shown how the surviving Arrakis will include avoiding quicksand, deserted soldiers turned bandits, other players (if in the PVP zones), the weather, and of course the sandworms.

Dune Awakening Features That Stood Out

Provided by Funcom

Hearing how there is no level-locked gear in the game put the biggest smile on my face. New players jumping into Dune Awakening can have a veteran friend give them top-quality gear and race off to the Deep Desert. You can enjoy the game without experiencing Player vs Player combat. The melee combat looked engaging and seemed like a viable way to play the game. The swordmaster’s ability to dodge ranged attacks made it so you could take on enemies with guns. When it comes to ranged attacks, the enemies take more damage depending on where you shoot them. You are not locked to one class you will be able to specialize your character however you want. The world of Arrakis has hazards such as radiation, and roaming storms that can kill you and damage equipment. Also, a cool mechanic was the ability to use your vehicle as a respawn point while out in the world.

Seeing a game set entirely on Arrakis had me worried it might be all sand and giant worms. But that early build showing of Dune: Awakening? Blew those fears away. The world looked vibrant, and the gameplay, well, let’s just say there’s way more to it than just dodging sandworms. This is going to be a day one game for me and I am going to make sure to sign up for the closed beta.

Dune: Awakening Direct Ep 2

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