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Horror game aficionados, buckle up for something exciting! After a recent popular rumor about Resident Evil 9 EA is allegedly floating something interesting plans around. This story started just over a year ago when a survey was put out asking fans if they wanted a remake of the cult classic and true masterpiece of horror gaming Dead Space 2 and the final entry in the horror trilogy Dead Space 3. The first game was recently fantastically remade by EA Motive which not only faithfully recreated the original but added some new much-needed features as well.

Could EA be planning another remake? For those unfamiliar the events of Dead Space 2 take place a few years after the original where we would once again play as Isaac Clarke like in the 2011 original. He comes to after being in a coma on a space station by the name of The Sprawl that is in chaos and the horror kicks off right from the first second. You need to discover through the game how this connects to the events on the USS Ishimura. It seems with the success of the remake and that poll that EA is convinced that a remake of the second game would be a sensible decision.

Could EA Motive Do A Dead Space 2 Remake?

Well, an article by Tech4Gamers seems to indicate that EA are teasing a possible remake. However please note this is all speculation and whispers and nothing has been confirmed officially. The EA Gear Store on Twitter/X as highlighted in the article is the potential source of a leak. It may not seem that obvious but the art on merchandise as spotted by sharp-eyed fans is from Dead Space 2. Naturally, this confirms nothing but it would be a bad error to accidentally use the wrong artwork in official merchandise. Decide for yourself with the post by EA below.

As always we’d love to hear your thoughts on this news. So why not get in touch with us? Are you a fan of Dead Space? Have you played the remake?

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