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CD Projekt Red took to twitch earlier today and gave players a breakdown of the version 1.5 update coming to Cyberpunk 2077. This included the upgrade for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. For those who owned the game, it was also made free to download. This was either by a separate install on PlayStation or upgraded via smart delivery on Xbox.

It wasn’t a huge shock as on Xbox, if you viewed the game on “my games and apps” the tile for Cyberpunk 2077 changed with the addition of the X/S logo. It wasn’t long before rumors started about the pending release.

That’s not all

We heard at the time rumors of a Game Pass entrance. This was thanks to a tweet by Tom Warren who revealed the game was spotted with a Game Pass mention. The listing stated Cloud Gaming enabled with Game Pass Ultimate. His tweet has since been deleted but he wasn’t the only eagle-eyed user on Twitter sharing this.

Cyberpunk Game Pass bound possibly

Sadly it’s not coming to the subscription service. However, this may change later on. After all The Witcher 3 was part of the service for a while.  It’s not all bad news as the game is available for a five-hour trial for the upgraded version.

The trial is available for a month so you’ve got till the 15th of March to try it out.  For Xbox, it’s currently on sale at half price for a week. PlayStation it may be worth checking your regions it’s half price for some and will be for the next fifteen days.

What do you think about this? Were you hesitant based on the early issues? However you stand on this we’d love to hear from you. Hopefully, The Witcher 3 upgrade is not too far behind after getting its PEGI rating in October.

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