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Cxmmunity and its HBCU Esports League are making strides to introduce historically black colleges and universities to the world of competitive gaming (HBCUs). Because of this lack of visibility, these groups are actively working to increase institutional participation in esports.

The mission of Cxmmunity is to serve as a resource for HBCU students who have an interest in esports and the development of video games. They provide a number of different services, such as mentoring, competitions, and opportunities to expand one’s professional network. Cxmmunity has partnered with a number of major brands to increase visibility for HBCUs in esports. Moreover, they work to promote diversity and inclusion within the gaming industry generally.

Cxmmunity’s Mission

Our mission is to increase the participation of minorities within the esports and video game industry so that there is an equal opportunity as new jobs and professions are being created.

Official Cxmmunity Website

The HBCU Esports League puts an emphasis on serious competition over recreational gaming. In this league, students from different HBCUs battle it out in games like Call Of Duty and NBA 2K. The organization also provides resources and spotlights the competitive teams. Another goal is to increase interest in esports at historically black colleges and universities. HBCU Esports League is a pathway to internships and full-time employment in the video game industry for students.

Featuring Host and Crew of HBCU Esports League Season 3

There needs to be more diversity and representation in esports, and both Cxmmunity and HBCU Esports are making strides in that direction. They are breaking down some of the barriers that have traditionally excluded students from HBCUs from the gaming industry and allowing them to pursue their passions and build careers in a rapidly growing field.

We recommend Cxmmunity and HBCU Esports League if you are a student at an HBCU and are interested in esports, or if you are simply looking to support organizations that are working to bring more diversity to the gaming industry. They are making significant strides in the realm of esports, and their efforts are paving the way for a brighter, more diverse future for gamers everywhere. You can stay up to date and watch HBCU Esports League on

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