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The Game Awards have come and gone, with many games being announced or receiving significant updates. The release dates for both Final Fantasy 16 and Diablo 4 have been announced. Dune Awakening and The Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League both received new trailers. Horizon: Forbidden West’s rumored expansion was also confirmed. Hades 2, Death Stranding 2, and the next installment of Armored Core all had world premieres. Moreover, Michael Madsen personally announced an upcoming game he is in Crime Boss: Rockay City.

Crime Boss: Rockay City is set to come to PC via the Epic store and is available to pre-order right now. It will also launch on PlayStation and Xbox. So, what is the game about? First, take a look at the trailer, which is can be seen below.

First and foremost, the cast list is impressive, as it includes more than Michael Madsen. Michael Rooker, Kim Basinger, Danny Trejo, Vanilla Ice, Danny Glover, and the legendary Chuck Norris also make an appearance. If we look at the Xbox store listing we see the description reads.

Rockay City. A thriving metropolis with excitement buzzing from the sandy bay to the towering skyscrapers. But beyond the glamour, there is a fierce turf war raging on…

After the demise of the previous crime boss, there’s an open vacancy for a new King of Rockay City – but it isn’t just you who is fighting for the throne. Choose your crew based on their skills and expertise, and execute daring missions with the hopes of walking away with the cash, the turf and, ultimately, the crown.

Make Sure You’re Connected Rockay City doesn’t just look and feel like the 90s, you’ll find a few familiar faces there too. From the charismatic Travis Baker (Michael Madsen) and his team of planners and handlers (Michael Rooker, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover and Damion Poitier), to rival gang bosses (Danny Trejo and Vanilla Ice) and the righteous Sheriff Norris (Chuck Norris): it’s not what you know, but who you know.

Keep Your Friends Close Stealing everything from cash and drugs, through to priceless artifacts is more fun with accomplices. Jump into the PVE co-op multiplayer and take on thrilling hits and heists with up to four players. Fail and you leave empty handed, but succeed and you’ll find yourself richly rewarded.

And Your Enemies Closer

Crime Boss: Rockay City And What To Expect

The game is a stealth-based first-person shooter which is primarily a co-op adventure but Push Square has reported the game will offer a single-player experience. They also showed the first PlayStation 5 gameplay footage of the title provided by Gematsu which shows cooperative play at work. If you wish to see how the game is currently shaping up, look here. As for release, the game is available on 28th March next year on the Epic store with the console launch later in the year. So will this be one game on your wish list? As always we’d love to hear from you.

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