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With help from newly-formed indie fund, Outersloth, CLICKOLDING will release on Steam on July 16, 2024. Yes, you read that right only a few weeks from now! CLICKOLDING is set to be a dark narrative that keeps the player guessing. From the Steam page, some of the “features” listed are :

  • Lovingly detailed 3D tally counter.
  • Polished, mature, one-sitting storytelling from the developers behind Life Eater and El Paso, Elsewhere.
  • A surreal encounter with the Original Clickold in a land beyond space and thought.
  • Weird jazz from award-winning composer RJ Lake (Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, Unbeatable).
  • A locked bathroom door.

Love a good locked bathroom door while listening to weird jazz. It’s everyone’s favorite pastime. Strange Scaffold aims to challenge the status quo of gaming and show the market that games that do not fit into one clear genre can still be successful. Strange Scaffold Studio head, Xalavier Nelson, had this to say: “With the support of Outersloth, and a track record for delivering games that donโ€™t take the easy joke but instead use any topic as an opportunity to deliver a deeper experience, I want to make another project that challenges this environment. Another project that says video games should still step into new, uncomfortable, and undeniably compelling spaces.โ€

From the announcement trailer, I’d say CLICKOLDING definitely delivers on being “new uncomfortable.” Cmon-doesn’t the masked man put you at ease? He likes it when you click the clicker.

Check out CLICKOLDING when it arrives on Steam July 16!


Check out the announcement trailer!

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