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Colossal Order are very busy right now. They have just upgraded one of their popular sims to take advantage of the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. Then they announced at the recent Paradox Interactive showcase presented by Xbox a sequel as well. For the studio, it seems that isn’t enough for the Cities Skylines franchise. For a game that has received a considerable amount of DLC over its eight years, they aren’t done. As Colossal Order has decided to work on more DLC for the original game.

However, for the original Cities Skylines, the game isn’t getting one piece of DLC. It’s looking like it’s getting a considerable amount according to Eurogamer. So let’s see what is coming to enhance your city in the not-too-distant future. The article states we will get not one or two but in fact “three new Content Creator Packs – Africa in Miniature, Sports Venues, and Shopping Malls – plus three new radio stations. JADIA Radio Station brings 16 Africa-inspired tracks from musician Wan Shey, while 80’s Movie Tunes is a fairly self-explanatory set of 15 tracks totally around 70 minutes of music. Finally, there’s Pop-Punk Radio, which promises 16 track and 75 minutes of “powerful, high-beat tunes”. Not bad when you’re also working on the sequel coming this year as that’s a good selection of DLC.

And For The Rest On The Cities Skylines News

This content isn’t all coming at once as we see from the game’s upcoming roadmap. It’s spread between the 22nd of March and May.

Once the mini-expansion Vacation With Us has launched that will mark the end of DLC support for the original game as we transition to what looks to be an impressive sequel. In case you missed it, it will launch day one into the Game Pass service for Xbox Series X/S.

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