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For city-building enthusiasts, you may recall our previous update about the future of the Cities Skylines franchise. Around a year ago, we received news that Cities Skylines 2 was in development and slated for release on both PC and consoles. However, those using PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will unfortunately not be able to play the game. Additionally, it was announced that Cities Skylines 2 would be included in the Game Pass library. While the game has since launched on PC, the console version has been delayed.

This delay was announced just a month before the PC launch of Cities Skylines 2. In an official tweet, the developers stated that the game’s console release had been postponed. The accompanying update indicated that they were “working hard to get it ready for launch” but needed “more time to reach the quality targets.” Consequently, the game’s console release was rescheduled for Spring 2024. Now that we’re in the Spring season, there has been no further update on the console release status.

Cities Skylines 2 Console Release And What Is Going On

Well Pure Xbox has reported the game has been hit with yet another delay. The article states the official reasons for this are as follows.

We have been struggling to get Cities: Skylines II to the necessary level of optimization for a console release, but are now hopeful that an upcoming build delivery in April will demonstrate sufficient progress for us to progress with a release candidate, and then a release build targeted for October.

Before we have seen and evaluated the progress made in these builds however, we will not be able to confirm the release date, and even then, some uncertainty always remains. Our ambition is to deliver the experience that you all deserved at launch, but it will take time.

Now if we look at how the game is performing it should not be a shock. For example, the original game has mostly positive reviews on Steam but the sequel however, it’s a different story. The sequel has not been received well at all on Steam. In fact, out of 2469 recent reviews it has been given feedback of mostly negative. As for the total number of reviews of 37,879, it gets mixed feedback.

Add to that they had to issue refunds on recent DLC, they have a few other issues to sort out before it may see the light of day on the console. According to the Endgadget article they are hoping the ports will launch by October.

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