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One genre I personally love to play is the simulation genre and across PC and console, the selection is vast. The games include PC Building Simulator which has just received a sequel. Game Pass has Power Washer Simulator, House Flipper, and Gas Station Simulator hit console. That game’s review can be found here. However, another hitting PC with a prologue similar to Gas Station Simulator is Cafe Owner Simulator. The Steam listing for this can be found here. The most recent update from the developer was from early September but the prologue is out now.

Cafe Owner Simulator is inspired by “sandbox and simulation games”. This is according to the developer a game that allows players to create something of their own. You can also develop your cafe, put your soul into it and open and run a successful business. The developer hasn’t provided much of an update, but it sounds as if we can expect a few changes. So, things noticed when playing this to preview may be different upon full release.

Some of the changes are the stability and mechanics of the game. Gameplay mechanics are being polished and added to. The visuals such as graphics and lighting are also said to have been upgraded. The developers have also promised an increase in performance.

Cafe Owner Simulator Prologue – A Sim Worth Waiting For Or Not

Visually it’s mostly a decent result, however, we have been promised changes, so it is hard to criticize when we know the developers have changed things. However, it was in a fairly good place in the prologue so expect minor changes regarding visuals. Upgrades in this department would be very welcomed, however.

So, improvements to performance and stability were mentioned and at times my framerate dropped from 71 FPS to 28 FPS without really doing anything drastic. They were rare occurrences, but they shouldn’t be dropping that much suddenly. Gameplay mechanics such as tools work but could be smoother and it seems this is also something developers have spotted. On the whole the game is looking in good shape. It’s definitely made me add the full release to my Wishlist to pick up in the future. Also, if you’re a fan of games like House Flipper and Gas Station Simulator and how the mechanics work, this prologue may be worth a download.

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