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And so the rumor mill continues to spin. Bloodborne takes the hunt to PC and PS5 this year, according to a rumor shared by streamer Sloth Mom. As we all know and understand, the PS5 show which was due to go ahead on the 4th of June, 2020 was unfortunately but understandably postponed. With that being said, the rumor that Bloodborne is being remastered for PS5 and PC is sure to get fans of the franchise excited. Soulsborne games are like marmite, you either love them, and I mean seriously love them, or your loathe them. One cannot deny, though the fantastic attention to detail and deep lore in the games. What’s even more fantastic, is hope for a remaster, which means improved performance. Bloodborne didn’t perform the best on either the PS4 base or Pro models. If this means that the game will get a lick of paint as well as performance enhancements, then count me in for sure. With that being said, Digital Foundry covered news on the 9th of May, 2020, breaking down the unofficial 60fps hack for Bloodborne on PS5.

The 60 fps Hack:

  Words I’d never thought I would say, but God bless the hacker who through Digital Foundry shed some light on the game at 60fps. Of course, it’s not the only element that matters in a game, but beefier hardware on PS5 and high-end PC rigs brings with it the promise of fabulous visuals and locked, stable performance to boot. It would also seem very full circle, that a game that released towards the start of the PS4 generation, would bless the start of the PS5 generation.

A point of note

An additional point of note here is that, according to Sloth Mom, From Software will not be developing the remaster of the game. This honor will likely be passed on to a studio like Bluepoint Games who have handled numerous remasters over the course of this generation. One of these games, a fellow PlayStation exclusive is The Nathan Drake collection. Speaking personally, the ND collection was fantastic and gorgeous. If Bluepoint games are indeed taking over development, this would pretty much ensure the heart and soul of Bloodborne is retained while looking and running great. Further to this point, it’s worth stating that this would be another PlayStation exclusive making its way to  PC. Something that seemed unlikely appears to be happening and it would be worth watching this space to see how Sony’s strategy unfolds. Sloth Mom is understandably remaining pretty coy about the studio developing the game. However, as aforementioned Bluepoint’s track record is stellar regarding remasters. Seriously give them a look, they’ve got a few beloved franchises under their belt. Me personally, and the rest of the team here at Lv1 will be sure to keep an eye on this story as it develops, so keep it locked to So, depending on how this pans out, are you excited to how Bloodborne takes the hunt to PC and PS5? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, and what you would be looking forward to most in a Bloodborne remaster.  

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