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Bloodborne was the very first smashing success for Playstation 4 in 2015. From Software delivered this highest-rated title, while also selling 2 million copies as of September of that year. The strength of Bloodborne is undeniably its adrenaline-filled, offensive-oriented action gameplay. The outstanding world design compliments the sublime art direction making exploration thrilling! The curiosity of what awaits behind the next corner, combined with the fear of deadly threats, makes the game straight addicting. Its weaknesses are admittedly long loading segments and a far from perfect frame rate.

The Role of PlayStation 5

While keeping all that in mind, we also recently learned more about PlayStation 5. Features such as the super-fast SSD, a much better CPU, and the Tempest Engine for clear 3D audio quality. The DualSense was also revealed and with it its capabilities. The PlayStation 5 controller will feature haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Both these features are massive upgrades over the current DualShock 4, which lacks them entirely. Haptic feedback is a smarter and more appropriate way to evolve over traditional rumble, while adaptive triggers are something found only in more expensive “Elite” class controllers.

The Dream

If Bloodborne 2 ever becomes a reality on PlayStation 5, the title could see some serious enhancements in what are already remarkable strong points. The next-gen console could iron, if not remove altogether, annoying loading screens as well as bad frame pacing. The whole experience would be that much smoother and seamless, perhaps even allowing even more ambitious and clever level designs. Bloodborne’s charm also relies on its incredible soundtrack and atmosphere. The Tempest Engine could really ramp up things and offer a true next-gen experience in that aspect alone. The game’s sound effects contributed to the creation of remarkable suspense, so much so that I would not struggle to consider Bloodborne also a horror game. Amplify all that with Sony’s latest tech and we could have some incredible things in our hands. Now considering the haptic feedback, then you can also easily imagine how awesome it would be to have every gadget on your arsenal to cause a different rumbling pattern on the DualSense. In addition, we also experience variable resistances on the triggers depending on what weapon we are handling. Not only there are many weapons, but each one of them has two switchable forms. From Software could really have some fun experimenting with these tools. Of course, these next-gen benefits would work wonders on hundreds of different games. I’d like to consider Bloodborne’s unique own nature, and how everything mentioned would really showcase in this title the best. I can only imagine the already extremely passionate fan base of Bloodborne playing a sequel that runs at 60FPS. Imagine the clarity of 4K and 3D audio with DualSense in hand, all in a world that was already super engrossing even with all the limitations of last gen. BloodBorne

Realistic Expectations

From Software is a very busy enterprise. We saw how Bandai Namco kept them busy with Dark Souls, and now Elden Ring. Activision even worked with them to publish Sekiro. Sony of course funded and co-developed Bloodborne. From Software grew to be one of the most requested developers in the industry. It would not surprise me if after Elden Ring another big major publisher tried to secure a game. Microsoft has big pockets, and they have been in need of a smash hit for quite a while now. Phil Spencer does travel to Japan often and snatching a deal with From Software could be a crowning achievement in his career. At the end of the day, Sony may as well be in a waiting line now. From did come out saying it is up to them to green-light the project, which I struggle to believe they wouldn’t. Bloodborne factually kick-started the long series of masterpieces on PlayStation 4. It would be wise too ideally have history repeat itself and offer their fans the much-anticipated title on the next-gen console. The IP grew to have related board games, card games, merchandise, figurines, statues, and even a comic series. Bloodborne now is a big and recognizable name, Sony knows this. Unfortunately, a complementary sequel still sounds quite far, but nothing stops us from daydreaming in the hope of a possible announcement. In the worst-case scenario, Bloodborne remains a timeless classic now. The game has great replay value and surviving through Yharnam will never get tired.      

2 thoughts on “Bloodborne 2 and its Potential on PlayStation 5

  1. Yeah I suspect for sure PS5 will offer 60fps to the current Bloodborne game through a patch.

    As for Bloodborne 2. I guess that depends on what From Software are doing, as I’m sure Sony could do it internally, but then I fear it would be missing part of what makes Bloodborne so special, and that is what From Software offers.

    1. Nicola M says:

      I’m afraid even a patch for Bloodborne on PS5 will remain a dream.

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