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New World is out and that means crafting and resource farming is in. Hemp is the plant that provides fiber for linen in-game and the best location to harvest fiber for me has been in Monarch’s Bluff. Now there are a few reasons I recommend this section of Monarch’s Bluff to farm for the armoring and crafting resource.

Positives Of This Location

  • The respond time of hemp seems to be accelerated (maybe due to being in a mission area)
  • There are over 6 hemp plants that spawn in a relatively small area
  • No more than 5 enemies in the area at any given time.
  • Major positive is it is near the Hermits Shrine a Fast Travel Location

Negatives Of This Location

  • Enemies are level 23 so not a great location for lower level players
  • You may find yourself racing people for the Hemp Spawns
Best Location To Harvest Fiber

In less than 10 minutes of collecting hemp in Tres Campos the small farm west of the Hermits Shrine. I collected 433 fibers with not much effort and did not need to go far from the area. Seriously whenever I need linen for crafting I make my way to Tres Campos and take a few minutes to fill my pack with fiber. Now, this sounds too good to be true and honest, it may be. This is why you should take advantage of these quick spawning hemp nodes in Tres Campos. Hopefully, it never gets nerfed but updates have ruined plenty of farm locations games throughout history so fingers crossed this one survives.

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