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LV1 Gaming had the opportunity to play PM Studio’s upcoming title, Bandit Trap, a 3v1 burglary game. In this game, your objective is to either steal gems or prevent the bandits from doing so. The local security guard or entity known as “Trapper” tries to incapacitate one of the three robbers before they can acquire ten diamonds. Developed by PICOMY, this game has the potential to be a fantastic party game full of hilarious clippable moments.

Bandit Trap
Provided by PM Studios

Bandit Trap Key Features

    • Defend your house from storming Bandits using crazy and inventive Traps. Monitor the house and place a huge variety of traps in furniture to fight and knock-out the Bandits for victory!
    • Team up with 3 Bandits and invade a house full of Traps to steal its treasures. Fight the Trapper, master a huge variety of scanners and tools to loot hidden treasures for victory!
    • The levels in BANDIT TRAP are highly dynamic and destructible—which means no single match will be the same. Blast holes in walls? Check. Propagating water that seeps through cracks to flood rooms? Double check. Turn rooms into ice-rinks? Triple check.

While playing Bandit Trap as Trapper, I was able to set up homing rocket launchers inside furniture, set bombs, place tripwires, and, of course, lock doors. You are alone as the Trapper, but not without ways to protect your home. There is a moment before the match or game officially starts when you can set traps and lock doors before the bandits arrive. As the Trapper, you also have a minimap of the house and towers you can use to place traps from afar. Remember, you can also hide yourself by fusing various objects in the house to evade the bandits’ attacks.

Now, as a bandit, you have a range of tools that will make your hunt for the gems easier. Without a minimap, the bandits use a sensor that has a “hot and cold” feature to alert them when they are close to a gem. You also have access to this remote control saw blade that quickly demolishes objects. But it is important to remember that you are not all-powerful. The Trapper’s traps can incapacitate you and cause the bandits to lose.

Provided by PM Studios

Chance To Be A Community Game Night Hit

Based on my experience, PICOMY’s Bandit Trap will be an excellent community night game. This PC exclusive title is a simple game to learn and play, with the potential for wild moments if you master the skills. The hilarious character designs and fast-paced, chaotic action will result in amazing highlight reels. So, if you’ve ever wanted to play a modern Home Alone-style game, If you’re searching for a low-stakes enjoyable time with friends, Bandit Trap should be on your wishlist.

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