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So if you watched Xbox’s recent Developer Direct, you’ll have seen updates to a few games. One was the first full look at MachineGames’ new Indiana Jones game. However, we also know that it will arrive later this year. Yet, that was one of several games we showcased. Another was an update on the upcoming role-playing game Avowed.

For those who are unaware, Avowed is Obsidian’s upcoming project. They are also a studio with some well-known releases. In 2018, they joined the Microsoft family. In terms of games, they created the Pillars of Eternity series, Outer Worlds, and they are working on a sequel to the latter. Can’t forget they also gave us Grounded and Fallout New Vegas.

What We Know About Avowed

According to the official description on the Obsidian Entertainment website, we play as Aedyr’s envoy. You’ll be the one who’s “sent to investigate rumors of a spreading plague with a secret that threatens to destroy everything”. As part of the latest showcase, we saw more of the fantasy-themed action RPG. It is also stated that the “world is filled with magic, monsters, firearms, swords and shields, and companions will join the party along the way”. A closer look at the presentation can be seen below.

Now, for the game’s release date. Previously, we were told 2024, But we can narrow it down to the fall of 2024. This would put it between the beginning of September and the end of November. It will be released on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Game Pass at launch. This is one I’m looking forward to playing. Hopefully, we’ll have a full release date sooner rather than later.

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