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It’s a big-time for Atlus and Persona fans, as the series celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. And to start it off Atlus created a special anniversary website detailing some of what they have in store. With the recent announcement that the Persona series has topped 15 million sales, it’s an exciting time. But one of the biggest surprises on the site was that Atlus has 7 Persona projects in the works.

This September marks the official 25th year of the Persona franchise, and Atlus is definitely going big. That’s right on their website they stated they will have many collaborations and events to show. But the biggest is that Starting in September of this year all the way to Autumn of 2022, they will be talking about and showing over 7 different projects.

Now one thing to note is that these may not all be games, but it is heavily implied and believed. One of the projects that may be one of the seven is the now confirmed, Persona 6. A recent job posting on a hiring website in Japan for Atlus seems to suggest that pre-production work has begun for the next entry. Of course, if and when that potential announcement will come is still to be determined.


But, it’s the other six projects that have fans alike excited for the potential teases. I, myself, am a very big Atlus fan having enjoyed many of their titles, especially the Persona series. This biggest hope for some in the community, myself included, is to bring some of their titles to other platforms, primarily the Xbox platform. After the success of Persona 4 Golden on PC alone last summer, many are hoping this will go to more platforms such as Xbox and the Nintendo Switch.

And with the success of Persona 5 Strikers, a Sequel to Persona 5, on PC and Switch alongside PS4; it’s rather a shame that Persona 5, or its extended version Persona 5 Royal, are not on those platforms as well. With both games being absent from the Xbox platform. Through the next year of celebrations and announcements, fans can only hope that Atlus wants to expand their fanbase.

Either way, the next year is a big one for Atlus fans as they are definitely staying busy. And with having 7 Persona projects it is definitely looking bright for the series future.

-Jess (Bloodieknux)

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