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A perfect blend of difficulty and fun!

Another crab treasure is a Souls-like where you play as a friendly-looking crab named Krill! Krill sets out on an underwater adventure to retrieve his shell after a loan shark steals it. Part of the reason I consider this game beginner-friendly is because, unlike many games in the Souls-like genre, Another Crabs Treasure has fun music, bright colors, light-hearted story and does a great job creating a charming environment that I couldn’t wait to explore more. In other words, the game doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I’m not saying it is easy per se, but rather that it provides good balance and eases us into the heat of things. I also didn’t feel overwhelmed while exploring the underwater environment. This game immediately made me fall in love with Krill and I found myself eagerly progressing on to the next boss. Just to reiterate this is still a souls-like, expect some hiccups, the game is difficult, and I got stuck several times but with some patience and persistence you guys should be fine.

All in all I highly suggest Another Crabs Treasure to both fans of the Souls-like genre and beginners
It was released recently on all platforms let me know down below if you plan to try it and make sure you follow to stay up to date with all things in gaming

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