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You may be aware the popular city builder/strategy series Anno is now on console. Just launched for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S is the latest entry in the series. Anno 1800 was launched originally on PC in April 2019. For those on console, you may be wondering how the game translates to a console. After all, for many using a controller compared to a mouse and keyboard is very different from a simulator. Age of Empires 2 works amazingly well for the console so would this game come over with the same success?

The good news is on console the game can be tried out before you buy. There is a week-long trial so I decided to test out how the console version holds up. The footage captured here is from the PlayStation 5 version as at the time of writing the Xbox Series X/S was not available. However, does Anno 1800 work on console? So let’s look a bit more in-depth at the console port. One thing is evident the game looks absolutely fantastic on consoles.

Anno 1800 – Console Performance

I captured some of the early scenes so we get a look at how the UI was adapted and it seems very similar to how Age of Empires 2 was brought across.

The game’s mechanics feel smooth and intuitive, with clear gameplay hints and button prompts that explain what you need to do. For instance, you’re instructed to focus on building farmer’s houses instead of worrying about the road network on one level. If there are urgent tasks, the main screen notifies you and lets you jump right into them. I found myself easily constructing buildings to aid in timber production, connecting them with roads in no time at all. Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed with the gameplay. While it’s not available for trial on Steam, you can give it a shot on the Epic Store, and it’s currently on sale for Steam’s Spring Sale if you decide to purchase it.

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