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Crunchyroll has almost always been that one app that you can never download on your smart TV. You would need to get a third-party device to stream your favorite anime. Now Crunchyroll is starting to make progress toward being available in more places. Recently, they have added a 24/7 Crunchyroll channel that will be available on LG Channels as well as on the LG SmartTVs, the Roku Channels, and VIZIO WatchFree+. It will be a live channel showing older shows like Code Geass, Hajime Ippon, Ranking of Kings, and more recent shows like To Your Eternity and  Sugar Apple Fairytale.

Amazon Prime and Crunchyroll Fu-sion-HA! (A Little Anime Humor)


In addition, Amazon Prime Video subscribers can now stream Crunchyroll, the popular anime service, directly from the Prime Video app thanks to a global distribution agreement between the two companies. This integration eliminates switching between multiple apps and allows for seamless billing through Amazon. This is especially beneficial given Crunchyroll’s occasionally problematic app for smart TVs and set-top platforms.

Users can choose between Fan and Mega Fan subscriptions, both offering ad-free streaming of Crunchyroll’s entire library along with early access to new episodes from Japan. The Mega Fan tier also includes offline downloads and additional non-video perks. The Fan subscription is priced at $7.99, the same as a standalone subscription, and new customers can enjoy a seven-day free trial. You can enjoy all Crunchyroll has to offer on top of the already extensive library that Amazon Prime Video has to offer.

More Ways to Watch

Undoubtedly, this is a victory for both Crunchyroll and its dedicated viewers, as well as for loyal Prime Subscribers seeking to get the most out of their Prime Video. With any luck, this development will prompt Crunchyroll to enhance its flagship app, ultimately leading to a smoother user experience – only time will tell. Regardless of where you prefer to indulge in your anime, your viewing options have expanded a bit further.

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