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Remakes seem to be doing well recently. We had the remake of the classic Resident Evil 4 which sold well. We have the upcoming Sherlock Holmes The Awakened and earlier this year EA gave us the remake of Dead Space. However, we have another popular game they can call on in the EA stables. One which fans I’ve seen on social media request a remake or a new game. So the game in question is by the mind of American McGee.

That name may not mean much to a few or neither may the now-defunct studio Rogue Entertainment. But American McGee gave us the action-adventure Alice and its sequel Madness Returns. The original game plot briefly tells us, “In 1863, Alice Liddell is awoken from a dream of Wonderland by a house fire. Although she can save herself, her parents are killed and she is left with serious burns and psychological damage. Alice is brought to Rutledge Asylum in a state of catatonia, where several years of treatment fail to rouse her from her coma”. However, we also know he is working on a third game. So he is ready for EA to say they need a new game.

The Latest On The New American McGee Alice Game

To cut a long story short, the project which the working title is currently Alice: Asylum. Though as for the game’s future, it’s bad news. Development has been stopped. The reason for this is EA said no basically. The news was posted on Twitter and the game’s Patreon page.

The Patreon page goes in the explanation as to why. It seems that they passed on it at the moment due to the current market. So for now, it seems we won’t be getting a new game, remaster, or remake for this loved series.

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