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The strategic gacha mobile RPG Alchemy Stars is having a crossover event with Atlus’ Persona 5 Royal. Developed by Tourdog Studio in 2021 and published by Tencent Games, Alchemy Stars is available on iOS and Android devices. Somehow someway the Phantom Thieves are making their way into the world of Aurora.

This will be a limited-time crossover starting July 14th and ending August 3rd, 2022. The characters that will be available are Joker, Fox, Queen, and Violet. Also the lovable sidekick Mona will be available as a gift to players during the event window.

The story of the crossover will be a unique scenario where players will be working with Joker and Queen. With a goal of finding the reason why the Shadows are tormenting Umbraton.

Players will take on a gang of formidable bandits with the help of the infamous Phantom Thieves and reclaim the lost heart of a kidnapped boy in this exciting new adventure!

More about this mobile RPG that has deep lore and dope-looking cinematic trailers. Make sure to check out the official website as well.

Alchemy Of Stars Unique RPG Experience

Magic and technology are perfectly incorporated into Alchemy Stars’ environment and gameplay. The fighting in this game is unique because it combines RPG and strategic components. Players will build a party that fits their style. While also collecting a ton of distinctive characters, and engaging in battle using the game’s distinct tile-connecting gameplay.

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