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Towards the start of this year, Microsoft dropped the news of a massive acquisition. If people thought Bethesda’s purchase was big it didn’t compare to the deal that led to the potential Activision Blizzard acquisition.

However, we could be one step closer to news as the Activision Blizzard acquisition deal could be close to completion. This news came from financial analysts from Seeking Alpha. They report that Microsoft has actually submitted all the relevant information required for the Activision Blizzard acquisition to the FTC

Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Acquisition And Where To Next

They claim this was submitted weeks ago. So if that’s the case, it’s a case of waiting for the response from the FTC. The FTC guidance page does state both parties need to wait thirty days until they can proceed to the next stage of the acquisition.

For most transactions requiring a filing, both buyer and seller must file forms and provide data about the industry and their own businesses. Once the filing is complete, the parties must wait 30 days (15 days in the case of a cash tender offer or a bankruptcy) or until the agencies grant early termination of the waiting period before they can consummate the deal.

So if all information meets FTC approval we could get more news and after thirty days, the Activision Blizzard deal could be closed. However if not, it’s a waiting game to see where next. However, what do you think about this news?

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