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I was sent A little to the Left as a  recommendation because they said, “it would scratch my neurodivergent itch,” and they weren’t wrong. I only played the demo version of the game when I started my article and it was a cute and fun 9 puzzles to solve that gave you a glimpse into what the entire game would be (PS…I have since purchased the game). 

Tasked with solving puzzles this is the kind of cozy game you play when you need to unwind after a stressful day or need to take a break in between your FPS and RPGs. What makes this unique is no two puzzles are the same. The first 9 puzzles in the demo are all completely different leaving you tasked with trying to figure out how you are going to organize and arrange the specific puzzle that you are completing. 

A Little to the Left sets every scene with a very classic style of lo-fi music. If you want to make the game last you have the option to complete a daily tidy that is a very different feel compared to the regular puzzles of the game. The game has a total of 5 chapters each of which has its own theme. The game has a total of 51 unlockable achievements and as someone that has played this game for 13 hours and I am only 47% done with chapter 1so it’s definitely worth the money. 

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The visuals in this game are warm and inviting creating a very picturesque feel. Its neutral tones are very easy on the eyes and make the game that much more enjoyable. A bonus is that the hint system is really cool because in order to see the hint you have to erase the page to have the hint revealed. I thought that was a very cute way instead of just revealing what I need to do. Every completed puzzle can easily be turned into a screen saver.

My only critique would be a little more information about how to recognize if a level has more than one method of completion, also the hint system would be helpful if it could recognize which way you already solved a level. I know that may not be important to all but for completion, if you want to see 100% you have to know which levels have a multitude of ways to solve. 

A Little to the Left definitely makes me look at puzzles a different way because there are multiple solutions to each puzzle and sometimes the guest appearance can make you laugh especially if you’re a cat owner. At the end of the day if you like tidying and organization this is a solid game. If you don’t believe me check out the demo because it’s a really good preview into the type of game that you will get. 

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