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If you have been following my game coverage, I am clearly a fan of the horror genre. Now and then a horror title comes along that has previously gone unnoticed for me. One example is a PC horror title Lunacy: Saint Rhodes. Another title I want to highlight is out on PC and available on Steam now. The game is called A Bridge Curse: Road To Salvation and is based on a 2020 Taiwanese film called, “A Bridge Curse”. When looking at the Steam user scores, the overall reviews are very positive. Also the most recent 46 reviews all rated very positive. The all-time reviews number is at 1453 also stating very positive. Keep in mind, these are the ratings at the time of writing.

Now for more information about the game, I’ll refer back to the Steam listing. It tells us that A Bridge Curse: Road To Salvation “is a first-person atmospheric horror game with stealth-based gameplay. Out of 10 college horror tales from Taiwan, The Bridge Curse is one of the well-known supernatural incidents based in Tunghu University. Players will immersively wander on campus and experience the terrifying campus horror”.


Taboo from bygone days that have lived for many years in Tunghu University. A lingering female ghost has been living on the campus bridge for several decades. Six college kids challenged the urban legend and accidentally came across the terrifying curse. Who will survive and how the curse can be fixed remains unknown.


Observe your surrounding environment and figure out the best route for evacuating. Complete the exploration before the female ghost murders you. Mastering your stealth skill is the only way to survive in the dark. Believe in yourself and try to piece all the information together to break the curse and find the true backstory.

What We Know About A Bridge Curse

Though let’s start with the game’s features.

  • Escape from Ghost – Master your stealth skills to avoid the female ghost’s trailing.
  • Mystery Puzzles – Break the curse by puzzling gatherable items and information.
  • Campus Exploration – Discover the terrifying backstory by collecting key items and area investigation.

And on the PlayStation YouTube channel, we have a Gameplay Introduction video. Which tells us more about the game and that the game is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The console port release is around the corner it’s set to launch on 30th August. It can be wish listed on the PlayStation store now. It can also be found in a search on the Xbox store, but no wishlisting or release date information is available. The game will also be available on the Nintendo Switch. They are expected to launch alongside the PlayStation release later this month. Also if you find yourself enjoying this title you may be interested to know of an upcoming sequel set to release soon.

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