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Naughty Dog is famous for quite a few franchises. Most notably, The Last of Us, which is a huge seller with Two main entries and a few remastered games. With a PC port of the remake of Part One launching soon; and a successful TV series, thanks to HBO, which just aired its third episode. However, before everyone knew Ellie and Joel, we were first introduced to Nathan Drake in Uncharted. Uncharted also recently had a film adaptation and it seems, for now at least, Naughty Dog is done with the franchise.

Uncharted and The Last of Us aren’t the only adaptations on the cards. We know Sony has a few show on the way.

Has Uncharted returned? Or Inspired A New Game

This live-action trailer shows games such as Returnal and Horizon Forbidden West and other known games. Though VGC found one unknown game in the footage. Game Informer also grabbed a copy of the main image.

So we have an unknown female character holding a torch inside a cave. She also appears to approach some sort of relic, very much akin to Uncharted. The series did have a game without Nathan as a lead with The Lost Legacy. So for now all we can do is wait and see what comes next for the treasure hunter.

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