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Traveling across post-apocalyptic America, fighting infected, and evil human beings all to deliver a teenager to an organization. Then to turn around and dismantle that organization and tell the teenager nothing happened. I’m butchering the cliff notes version of The Last of Us story but in short, that’s what happened. I remember thinking I would let the world burn to keep my kid with me a little longer while in-game fighting my way out of the Firefly hospital.

In my heart, I just knew deep down Ellie had a feeling Joel lied to her. She was ready to sacrifice herself for humanity so she wouldn’t feel guilty anymore. He denied her that because he could not lose another child.

Ellie: Swear to me that everything that you said about the fireflies is true.

Joel: I swear.

Ellie: Okay.

That look she gave before saying “Okay” then the credits rolling made my jaw hit the floor. All that it took to get her to the fireflies, to then wake up in a back of a car with Joel driving. Not knowing he just single-handedly destroyed the fireflies because he sees her as his daughter now. It’s crazy because I have not played this game since it originally launched back in 2013. This really sits as one of the top endings not just in video games but overall.

TLOU Ending Still Gives Me Goosebumps

To showcase the dynamics of this father-daughter relationship forged through the apocalypse in three sentences. Not just the three sentences but the small pauses in between the way they displayed Joel was lying and Ellie sort of knew it. Top tier I wonder if there is a video out there where before Joel answers her question they show a highlight reel of what he did to the Fireflies. Then as soon as it ends it goes to him saying, “I swear.” I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Even though I enjoyed The Last of Us Part 2. A large part of me wishes they would have left it at this. TLOU ending was cinematic gold to me and I wished they let it live in ambiguity.

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