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Remnant II developed by Gunfire Games and launched this summer is already delivering more story with The Awakened King DLC. This DLC takes you to a new portion of a familiar land to those who completed the main story. The DLC like the ones for the previous title is accessed through “Adventures.” Meaning that the world will be randomly generated and to experience the entire DLC you will need to play multiple playthroughs. Even though a few boss fights are from the main story. Gunfire Games created a fresh and fun experience within a previously visited world.

The Awakened King Location

In the dreary land of the fae and dran, the DLC teleports the player back to Losomn. The rainy coastal industrial revolution-inspired area is a new area from the original. Dran are gathering their forces in order to support the new king. The city is home to shotgun-toting, chainsaw swinging, and sickle-tossing dran. And with some exploration, you will discover a darker more mystical underbelly to this sun forsaken world.

Now it has to be acknowledged that I wanted to see a completely new world. Or at least one that did not reuse any of the boss fights. But to be honest, this is how Gunfire Games created the first DLC for the Remnant From The Ashes. Swamps of Corsus DLC was tied into a world that already existed. Overall the new sections of Losomn are fun to explore while dodging shotgun blasts and toxic bubbles.

Gunfire Games Delivers

Known for their ability to masterfully hide a story, lore, weapons, and even archetypes throughout a game. Gunfire Games packs in hidden opportunities that will push you to reroll in this new adventure. Without diving into spoiler territory, moments in this DLC will seem basic on the surface. Sometimes talking to an enemy will offer more than fighting them.

So for those who are on the fence about buying Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC. If you enjoyed the main game go for it. You will gain the opportunity to unlock the Ritualist archetype, which gives you the ability to inflict status debuffs on enemies. New bosses which means new weapons and items to craft. Overall it is more Remnant 2 and that makes this DLC worth checking out. It is available now on all platforms where Remnant 2 can be purchased and costs $9.99. Thank you to Gunfire Games for providing LV1 Gaming with a Steam code for The Awakened King DLC.

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