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1. Talk To All Merchants

Ward 13 or the hub for Remnant 2 is filled with NPCs and a lot of them are merchants. Dwell is a horned alien who sells relic fragments. Wallace is the person who increases your relic uses and activates the archetype items you buy from other merchants. Mudtooth (Talk to him again once you beat the game) is the old man who sells tonics and the Dog whistle that is needed to activate the Handler archetype. Reggie the older black man sells rings, ammo boxes, and the item needed to activate the Challenger archetype. Cass the character you start the game with is the scrap merchant who sells extra crafting material. Whispers is the silent armor vendor who like the title says sells armor. Dr. Norah sells healing consumables and the medical pin that is needed to activate the Medic archetype. Rigs is the guy who upgrades your weapons. Ava McCabe is the person who crafts mods and weapons out of crafting materials from boss drops. Brabus sells weapons and the pin needed to activate the Hunter archetype.

2. Explore The Whole Area

Take your time and any red area on the map make sure to explore it. It may be a resource you need or even an item sitting out in the open. You will find a treasure chest and sometimes a dungeon door. Exploration is rewarded in Remnant 2.

3. Aim For Weakspots

This one seems obvious but all enemies do not have the same weakspots. Some are on their back, their stomachs, and of course the head. Make your life easier once you notice the red critical damage numbers. Keep shooting that spot.

4. Save Your Scraps

One of my biggest complaints about this game is how difficult it is to get scraps. The currency in the game drops at a very low rate and the cost of upgrading and crafting items is high. So I recommend only upgrading gear you actually enjoy using. Otherwise, you will be spread thin and grinding to simply raise your weapon one rank.

5. Join Other People’s Games

Using the crystal and joining other people’s worlds is beneficial. Not only will you have a solid chance of having new experiences. You will also have a chance of getting new gear and boss fights. The game has some variation of procedural generation. And everyone’s worlds are slightly different so that means more new loot. Then it helps the Remnant 2 community grow in a positive direction.

6. Having Your Game Set To Public Helps

Doubling down on playing with people, set your online play to “Public”. There have been countless times when I was struggling with an area and a random joined my game. And we were able to complete the objective I was stuck on. You never know when someone will show up, put on their cargo pants, and carry you to victory.

7. Go On Adventures To Grind For Resources

If you are looking for a specific resource the best way to get it is going on an adventure. Adventures are rerolled versions of areas you have previously traveled to. They do not alter your original story and offer a chance to gather boss drops and resources. There is no limit to how often you can go on adventures. So it is a solid way to farm for gear, scrap, and crafting material.

8. Relics can be boosted with Relic Shards

Your Dragon Heart or item used to heal you has three empty slots for Relic Shards. These items are found as drops for fighting enemies or can be bought at random from a merchant in town. Relic shards can give you a variety of boosts and buffs. Speed up weapon swapping, increase armor, lower weapon spread, etc. So make sure to keep the ones that fit your build equipped. And constantly check the new ones you get.

9. Square Doors Means Main Mission, Round Door Means Side Quest

Learn to read your map and understand the icons. It will save you so much time and it will make your time in Remnant 2 a lot easier. Square doors lead to a main mission or story quest. Rounded doors lead to dungeons and side quests. If you are looking for Clementine, keep following the exclamation point.

10. Keep Going The Missions Are Very Long

I promise you are doing the right thing. Don’t worry too much if you are questioning whether or not you are on the right track. The mission check points are spread out very far from each other. You will feel like you are not on the right track at times and that is okay. Enjoy that random dungeon, collect that random piece of gear, and enjoy your time playing Remnant 2.
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