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The Silent Hill Transmission happened last week, in case you missed it. The sequel to the 2006 movie was among the unveiled projects. This movie, which is based on Silent Hill 2, blends seamlessly with the main project that has been made public. The major project has been widely rumored for a while. The game in question is Silent Hill 2 Remake. This was a joint effort between Bloober Team and Konami, as we can see from the trailer. We questioned if it might be this series at the time and looked for any indications that Silent Hill was imminent.

Today, we can see that we were largely correct. It was true that Konami and the Bloober team were returning to this property. Let’s go back to that trailer now. Using Unreal Engine 5, the trailer is extremely polished. Despite all the polish, there is no word on when the Silent Hill 2 remake will be released. The series’ viewers will be looking for one. Personally, I’m eager to revisit this legendary title. Nevertheless, we have learned that Bloober Team has discussed their title.

The Silent Hill 2 Remake And What Bloober Team Have Said

An article by Game Spoof has reported that Piotr Babeno spoke at the GPW Innovation Day. He’s the president of Bloober Team so well suited to update anything on the remake. Now here is good news for the fans. The game has been in development since 2019 and is apparently in a stage of late production. This means Bloober Team is polishing off elements of the game itself. Piotr Babeno also said it’s Konami that decides on the release date. He did add information that should be shared with us soon. Hopefully, they can give us a release date soon and it’s one where we don’t have to wait long. As always we love hearing from you. So what is your take on this news? Remember we’ve had no official statement at the time of writing from Bloober Team other than the trailer is using Unreal Engine 5.

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