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Resident Evil is hitting the rumor mill once more with news of the next release being the focus of attention. So the last time the iconic Capcom franchise was talked about was regarding what we could expect with Resident Evil 9. This was also reported to be one of a number of games in development for the series. Now another story is circulating which regards once again the ninth main entry in the franchise. For those unaware, the previous entry was Resident Evil Village, which continued the story of Ethan Winters, who debuted in the seventh main title.

So the latest on what could be the upcoming Resident Evil 9 is leaked by Twitter/X user AestheticGamer or as a lot know them, Dusk Golem. They have been correct in the past regarding games in the series. Let’s look and see what they say about the game.

So we see it’s supposedly been in development for some time. Not only that we are if the leak is true only months away from the continuation of the franchise. Though where could they take the events of a ninth game?

Resident Evil 9 Looking Set For News Soon Or Could There Be Another Twist

Before posting this leak they previously said the game was subject to a delay. They said those rumors could be put to one side. We also see it stated this next game may end up being a completely different title. As it stands it seems the rumors are indicating a January release. That is not unusual as the remake of the second game launched in January 2019.

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