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Twin stick shooters may not be the most popular gaming style, but the impact of the subgenre has long been a staple of video game history. Remedium is a brand-new IP developed by Sobaka Studios and is an excellent example of the addictive fun that awaits top-down multi-dimensional twin-stick shooter fans. Embark on an adventure filled with head-on collisions. Encounter hybrid mutations in a plague-ravaged land as a more than capable monster hunter. I am excited to share my unbiased impression throughout this review.

Intense boss battles await you in Remedium.

A Plague Story

Survive in a post-apocalyptic era where a plague has ravaged the environment and left a world of horrific mutations that are out for your blood. You are one of the final people left in the fortress city, locked in by giant walls. It would be best if you found safety to survive. There’s only one problem. In your travels, you become infected by a disease. Your only hope is to fight through hordes of chimeras and the mutated to find a cure. On your journey, you encounter many abominations that you record in your bestiary, connected to your journal.


One negative is the lack of characters in the game. It fits the situation of a desolate land plagued by mutations, but I can’t help but feel that more people would enhance the experience. The storyline lacks depth, but that is not mainly a bad thing. I would have loved more from the story, but the gameplay is where this game thrives.

Remedium – Gameplay

The gameplay in Remedium is simple and smooth. The control feels dynamic for a third-person twin-stick shooter, which makes for a seamless experience. Choose between a shotgun (scattergun) or a machine gun with available upgrades. Also, the hunter can use a modifiable grenade for splash damage to multiple enemy targets. Finally, you can also access a dash that helps you escape and dodge projectiles and other damage means. You can upgrade all things at the glowing workbenches scattered around the different areas of the map. Upgrade your ammo type to heavy rounds machine gun or flamethrower and customize your plague seals for survival. Standard ammo has no limit, but special ammo can run out. Collect special ammo from dead enemies and other locations.

Play Remedium now in early access on Steam.

I hope more weapons will be available in the game’s final version. The maps in Remedium are pretty big. Travel througfh areas flooded with lava and snow, or navigate toxic pools as you explore. Elevators separate the different areas, sometimes guarded by mini-bosses. The boss fights are fast-paced and fun; however, the difficulty curve is challenging.

Three modes of difficulty:

Casual – enemies are slower, less aggressive, and deal significantly less damage.

Medium – enemies are moderately aggressive, and Da average damage.

Standard – Intended difficulty. Enemies are incredibly aggressive and deal full damage. Falling into chasms kills you.

Use your bestiary to find the weaknesses and strengths of your enemy. Players log information about the mutation after defeat, and the secret to success lies in the details. Use your armor gauge to maintain health while picking up armor shards around the map. A healing button gives players a boost in health when needed, but it’s not a substantial amount of health and has a cooldown, so use it wisely. The gameplay is fun and offers some dynamic factors to the adventure, but there are negatives.

Visuals and Audio


Using a 3rd person top-down style, the visuals here are beautiful and vibrant, even in a rather dark environment. Gamers should not expect a AAA level of detail, but the resolution is excellent for this type of game and ranks above average. One part of the game is the audio narration option. The vocals match the environment and the pace of the game. The audio and visuals are not much to run home about, however, I am satisfied with the results because they assist in immersion and enhancing the environment.

Remedium – Final Verdict

Ultimately, it’s difficult to give a clear review of a game in early access. Remedium has a lot of things about the game working, but there is also a lot of things left unexplained. The gameplay is fun and the mechanics work really well. The action is fast paced, however, the lack of weaponry takes away from the fun. When it comes to the story I have no complaints, but I will say that the game is short. The experience is pleasent on the eyes, and the challenge of the firefights will keep you entertained.

Hopefully, the developers plan to add more depth to the overall game. Gamers need more weapons, and more gameplay time. The resolution and fps are on point, and makes this type of game a great experience. I will be looking forward to more content in future updates that adds more ways to play this new twin stick shooter. Remedium earns a final score of 7 out of 10.

Remedium is available to preorder and wishlist on Steam, Epic Store, and Playstation.

Big thanks to Sobaka Studios and ESDigital Games for allowing LV1 Gaming early access to play their game.  

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  • Classic Gameplay and Mechanics
  • Easy to play, yet challenging.
  • Hybrid Mutations and Bosses


  • Limited weaponry
  • Forgetable Story
  • It's a short game.

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