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LV1 Gaming had the opportunity to watch live gameplay of the upcoming Monster Hunter Wilds. Thank you again Capcom and Summer Game Fest for giving us the opportunity to see such a special preview. During the demo, we were shown the world of Monster Hunter Wilds (MHW), the base camp, multiple monsters, and how dynamic the environment can be while hunting. So let’s dive into a few of the key points of the game that stood out immediately.

Monster Hunter
Provided by Capcom

True Open World Monster Hunter Experience

The demo starts off at the main base camp where the palico chefs, fan-favorite blacksmith Gemma, and your main camp are located, after walking around the base for a few minutes showing off how vibrant and lively it is. We were shown the actual in-game map which is 2x bigger than the previous Monster Hunter games. After they introduced the brand new mount called a seikret, similarly pronounced as sacred, they took off outside of the base and without any loading screen went into the open-world hunting grounds.

Historically with Monster Hunter games, you would have to pick a hunt and then load into the open-world portion of the game. With MHW it all blends seamlessly, and to take it a step further you can set up temporary camps out in the wilds. Now they are not indestructible nor permanent so we told roaming monsters can destroy them. After setting up camp to better prepare for the upcoming hunt, they then showed off the cooking animation. And as usual, the food looked as if it was going to pop off the screen and onto a plate. The RE Engine made every part of that meal look extremely delicious and real.

Alpha Doshaguma

Provided by Capcom

The Capcom team showed us how you can use the environment, range of weapons, and other monsters to complete a hunt. After marking the Alpha Doshaguma, a creepy four-legged bear lion monstrosity on the map they set off the engage it. Once it was found they equipped the classic ghillie suit in order to try to sneak up to the alpha. Because this monster roams in large packs. So after getting a critical hit on the alpha, chaos ensued. The pack of aggroed Doshagumas began trying to attack the hunter even at the cost of causing damage to each other.

This is a good time to talk about the level of detail in the monster’s design. The mane and fur of this beast alongside the sheer mass of the Doshaguma was a marvel to look at. So back to avoiding its giant maw and claws, the hunter then did enough damage to get the monsters to follow him. Then he led the pack of monsters to a sandtrap where another monster tried to swallow everything in its radius whole. Only the Alpha was strong enough to climb out of the death trap. And the hunt began anew.

Two Weapons!

The alpha was trying to escape from you to heal its wounds but with the ability to swap weapons from your seikart. The hunter was taking shots with a bowgun to slow down the beast. Now this is around the time the dynamic weather kicked in, the skies darkened and lightning began hitting the area. Can’t forget about the giant flying hammerhead dragonesque monster that began fighting the Alpha.

So lightning hitting everywhere, Alpha was now fighting with a flying monster, and I was sitting there in awe at how cinematic it all looked. But it was all happening in the game and it looked amazing. The advancements in MHW are clear enough to separate it from previous titles. The mechanics are all advanced in the best way possible. Fully open world with no loading screens, fresh monsters to hunt, new large environments, night and day cycles, and dynamic weather. Monster Hunter fans are in for a real treat with Monster Hunter Wilds. There is no official release date at this time but to stay up to date check out the official MHW website.

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