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Just like I did with games like Wronged Us, Stray Souls, and Greyhill Incident, I stumbled across a game that visually looked lovely. It appeared to be a calm peaceful game and this looks like an interesting story, We have a trailer from Electro Stalin entertainment posted in September 2018. The description just gives us the name of the game which is Mike Goes On Hike. So not the most informative piece of information. Steam has the developer and publisher listed as Arkuda Inc. Though if you’re interested we have the trailer from 2018 below.

So Mike Goes On Hike looks lovely, I look through what seems to be the publisher/developer channel on YouTube and find a link to the website. As browsing my Steam wish list I rediscovered this and thought let’s find out more. Though for me at least the official website didn’t seem to exist. The Steam listing has a trailer which looks more polished than the one above. So could Mike’s journey have moved to a different developer and engine? It would seem plausible, look at Dead Island 2 for example. The music seemed identical in both trailers, however. The Steam trailer can be seen below.

Has Mike Got Lost – The Story With Mike Goes On Hike

The only information I have found is via Steam. However, it’s had its own thread with some interesting viewpoints. So remarks appear such as “Someone should call search and rescue, he’s obviously lost. smh.” and “We’ll need to start with the prequel “The Search For Mike” before we can go on the hike.”. Steam’s description reads “Become a real tourist in Mike Goes on Hike! Amazing wild landscapes, inexpressible atmosphere of hiking, and important vital lessons are waiting for you. Go all the way to the end to fulfill the request of your beloved grandfather”.

So as to when or if this game launches we have no idea. However, for a game classed as an adventure and survival, it certainly looks interesting. The screenshots on Steam can be seen below.

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