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MIX’s 10th-anniversary showcase, an event that highlights various indie titles took time to show Kaiju Wars. Developed by Foolish Mortals an indie game studio based in Saskatchewan, Canada. This strategic turn-based game pits humanity against, you guessed it, giant monsters. With a pixilated design on a grid-based map, you will mount an offense to force the Kaiju to retreat. Because killing them is not an option.

Taking command of an army as the mayor of Floatio City. Survival is the ultimate goal when facing the Kaiju because there is no way to kill them. You will place obstacles such as buildings and even military weapons to slow down their progress. There are five different kaiju that you will need to defend against. Each has its own skills in the art of utter destruction. Another thing to worry about is the mid-level mutations. These creatures mutate and gain stronger abilities.

Kaiju Wars Looks To Be A Destructive Good Time

“Kaiju Wars places players in an uncomfortable position of stopping what feels like the inevitable. In classic kaiju style, the monsters attacking Floatio city are nearly unstoppable.”

Michael Long, CEO of Foolish Mortals

Kaiju Wars has a campaign mode where the goal is to uncover why frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are happening. You will travel the world fighting kaiju and solving tactical puzzles. Also, build up your project deck and customize it to create the best strategy. There is also an online leaderboard to show whose deck is the best.

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