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Over the weekend, Wholesome Games had their direct in where the focus of the direct is wholesome games made by indie game developers. This direct included over 70 games in which there was exclusive footage, interviews, and announcements.

History of Wholesome Games

Wholesome Games Direct or Wholesome Direct; is an independent volunteer-run showcase ran by Wholesome Games in which they show games that are wholesome, thoughtful, and uplifting. To start, Wholesome Games was created by game developer; Mathew Taylor selected certain games according to the games’ comfort, compassion, and coziness. This led the community to grow by showcasing these games, and now the group has over 200,000 members across multiple platforms.

The logo for the direct

The reason why Wholesome Games was created was to change the way we think about games. For many years there was always a certain type of games that would get critically acclaimed. These games are often the ones with the darkest themes or the grimmest depictions of life. Wholesome Games wants to change that with video games that have beautiful art and sound, are innovative, and have rich storytelling.

Taylor doesn’t define a game wholesome or unwholesome. The group has found a common theme within the games, and that’s how light the games are. Taylor makes it clear that it’s subjective and the games they showcase in the direct are their opinion of what’s a wholesome game.

What was in the Direct

There were many games showcased in the direct. Over 70 games were displayed, some with interviews and some with exciting news about the games. Of course, the website gives information on all the games shown in the showcase. As well, the platforms in which you can play the games on.

There are a variety of games to check out and have a variety of genres and types of games. From narratives to a powerwash simulator; Wholesome Games showcased a variety of wholesome games.

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