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Recently I reviewed a mystery game called This Bed We Made. That game caught my attention when accidentally stumbled across it. Now a recent horror title has done similar. This game is classed as a psychological horror named Hollow Cocoon. If reading this interests you it can be found on Steam.

The good news is we have a demo on the Steam listing for Hollow Cocoon available now. It’s a short demo but it gives you a good idea of what the game looks like and how it plays. We have more good news to share. The game as we see from the previously mentioned listing launched at the start of December.

The game itself, we know it’s a horror and Steam tells us that it’s a “first-person horror adventure game set in 1980s Japan”. We play as a college student, Minato Jinba. You have just discovered your grandmother is in critical condition. The basic aim is to “hide yourself from the monster and gather vital evidence to unravel the bone-chilling truth lurking beneath the surface!”. As for the features.

Multiple Endings

  • Experience a captivating story with four unique endings.
  • Your choices will lead the story down different branching paths.

Difficulty Selection

  • Choose from three difficulty options.
  • Whether you want to just enjoy the story or seek a challenging experience, the game can accommodate your needs.
  • *You can switch to a lower difficulty during gameplay (Note: The difficulty cannot be raised).


  • Both auto-save and manual save options are available.
  • Even if you get a game over, you can immediately restart from the last checkpoint.

Motion Sickness Reduction

  • To alleviate motion sickness, various features are available, including adjustable viewing angles, a central dot display, and the option to disable camera shaking.
  • Multiple functions are provided to minimize motion sickness caused by visuals.

What Hollow Cocoon Is Like As A Gaming Experience

The first thing we can see from the screens taken early in the demo is it’s pleasing on the idea. So we have some well-designed visuals creating a pretty detailed environment. A brief look at the demo can be seen below.

The game plays well and the interface is easy to grasp and it doesn’t take long to get to grips with the mechanics at play. However, the demo is short so dealing with the threats you don’t get to experience. Though with the game being released we have user reviews on Steam. These are the reviews I saw on Steam at the time of writing.

  • RECENT REVIEWS: Very Positive (176)
  • ALL REVIEWS: Very Positive (405)

This is the second release by the developer Nayuta Studio according to their website. They are a small indie studio based in Japan. But with two games with positive reviews and a horror that is holding its own, this may be a game and a studio to look more at.

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