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Hogwarts Legacy is well into its launch and sadly we aren’t getting any DLC anytime soon. We saw the game get its limited edition controller. Here in the UK, it sold out fast, I tried and failed to get one and the game is selling extremely well in stores. I’ve been in shops and seen it sold out. I also did some first thoughts which can be read here. I’m not a fan of the franchise. Playing the game has me wanting to watch the films for the first time. So we have the films set in modern times but what about a Hogwarts Legacy adaptation? After all, from playing the game there is a promise of a story that will be fondly remembered.

So, what type of Hogwarts Legacy adaptation could be created? Not all games transfer to the big and small screens. Monster Hunter was for me not worth the time and the live-action Residents Evil films can’t match the animated ones in my opinion. HBO has an adaptation of The Last Of Us. We are six episodes down from the nine-part series and for me, it’s been mind-blowing. So could this wizarding saga meet a similar result?

Hogwarts Legacy Adaptation In The Works

Well, an article by Giant Freakin Robot claims that is what is happening. They say sources have informed them that the game is getting adapted for a TV series and is being done by HBO Max. With The Last Of Us doing incredibly, it’s an exciting move. Naturally, this is not confirmed as yet but the chance of an HBO show is good. So what are your thoughts on this news? Are you a fan of the game and if so are you interested in this news? As always we’d love to hear your thoughts. So why not get in touch and share them with us?

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